Advent Season and Christmas Pastoral Letter  

Dear Members of the Albanian Community, 

Another year has come to an end and as we approach the culmination of our Diamond Jubilee year, I extend  my warmest greetings to each and every one of you. This Advent season, marked by anticipation and  reflection, provides us with a precious opportunity to pause, celebrate, and express gratitude for the journey  we have undertaken together. 2023 has been a very busy year filled with celebrations and I hope you were  able to appreciate and be present in the midst of the busy and hectic times. It is important to reflect on the  meaningful moments and not let them pass by unnoticed. 

In this season of hope and joy, we are reminded of the significance of the past, the richness of the present,  and the promise of the future. Our Diamond Jubilee year has been a testament to the resilience, dedication,  and spirit that defines our College community. It is a time to acknowledge the achievements, the challenges  overcome, and the countless moments that have shaped us into the institution we are today. 

As we celebrate Christmas, I want to encourage you to reflect on the values that bind us together – compassion, belonging, and the pursuit of knowledge. Christmas is a season of giving and in the spirit of this  festive time, let us extend our hearts to those in need. Our collective efforts, both big and small, contribute to  a community that cares for one another. 

The nativity story teaches us about the power of humility, kindness, and the transformative impact of love. As  we conclude our Diamond Jubilee year, let us carry these lessons forward into the new year and beyond. Let  the celebrations serve as a reminder of the shared commitment we have to each other and to the mission of  our College. 

May the coming year be filled with continued growth, learning, and collaboration. As we embark on a new  chapter in the history of the College, let us move forward with a sense of purpose and unity. 

I wish you and your loved ones a blessed Advent season, a joyful Christmas, and a prosperous New Year.

With much love
The Reverend Thabang Jack Bengani
College Chaplain