“Normal is Extinct”



Introducing a groundbreaking shift in the St Alban’s College Career Day: Embracing the theme “Normal is extinct.”

In an effort to provide an exceptional and enriching experience for our students, we are revolutionising the way boys interact with various industries and opening doors to new voices from different professional fields.

Our revamped Career Day seeks to expose boys to the diverse and ever-evolving world of industry, emphasising that no industry remains untouched by constraints and opportunities. Gone are the days of confining students to conventional career paths; we believe it’s time to explore the uncharted territories where innovation and change thrive.

By bringing together professionals from a wide range of industries, we aim to break down barriers and foster collaboration among fields that may appear distinct at first glance. Through this exposure, students will gain a deeper understanding of how different industries intersect, creating a tapestry of interconnected opportunities waiting to be explored.

This reimagined Career Day will showcase the commonalities shared by all industries, highlighting the universal challenges and possibilities they face. By illuminating these shared experiences, we hope to inspire students to think beyond the boundaries of their comfort zones and consider unexplored paths that align with their passions and skills.

Moreover, we will prioritise engaging new voices from industries that have been historically underrepresented in career events. By bringing in diverse perspectives, we aim to challenge preconceived notions, broaden horizons, and encourage open-mindedness among our students.

The “Normal is extinct” theme encapsulates our commitment to breaking free from outdated notions of traditional career paths. Instead, we want to empower our boys to navigate an ever-changing professional landscape where adaptability, creativity, and a willingness to explore the unknown are crucial.

Through this, we hope to instil in our students a lifelong passion for learning, growth, and embracing the extraordinary in a world where “Normal is extinct.”

Yours sincerely
Assistant Academic Director and Programme Director