‘Navigating career readiness in an interconnected yet uncertain world’.



Welcome to St Alban’s College Career Day 2022

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to our annual Career Day event for 2022. We are excited to have it in-person following two years of isolation and social distancing. As part of St Alban’s College’s efforts to ‘prepare young men for life’ and help boys achieve their goals in securing future jobs, we started the Future-Ready Career Conference series. In this event, our students have the opportunity to meet local and international future universities, sponsors, reputable and well-established companies’ representatives and some of the most influential individuals in our community and beyond. Through these interactions and networks, we hope our students will be inspired to work hard, find their niche and commit to their pursuit of excellence.

The theme of this annual Career Day is ‘Navigating career readiness in an inter-connected yet uncertain world’. We emphasize open-mindedness, flexibility and adaptability as students pursue their dreams. Teaching students to ‘seize the day’ and to prepare for, and explore every opportunity will, no doubt, assist them in their journey and their path to success. We also teach our boys the importance of finding one’s element and building one’s career path and leveraging on the support of their constituencies. Knowing or determining where they want to go and the various pathways to get there, will most certainly facilitate their search for the right and most suitable career that will help them enrich and make a difference in their communities.

I would like to extend my deep gratitude and utmost appreciation, on behalf of the St Alban’s College family, to all participants and sponsors who made this event possible. I would also like to thank Rachel Mathabe, Nobuhle Mtshali, Bruce Collins, the Community Service Boys, the Academic, Operations staff and the Boys.

Thank you for your support, hard work and dedication to raising young men who will show up in the arena.

“Just keep showing up when others quit. The willingness to show up changes us; it makes us a little braver each time.”

Yours sincerely
Career Advisor and Conference Programme Manager