St Alban’s has been involved in a myriad of CSI activities over the years and on speaking to many CSI experts, the golden thread that runs through these conversations is: Keep to what you know and have experience in, and in our case its educationAs a result, we are focusing our attention on partnering in the development of a world-class Diocesan school in Ga-Rankuwa: the St Augustine’s LEAP Science and Maths School.

Our boys are already involved in a number of partnerships and collaborations as are our academic staff members. We have so much to learn from this partnership and access to financial resources and connections will enable us to help them to catapult to another level as they grow and develop. Our school architects and St Augustine’s Executive are currently developing a master plan for the St Augustine’s campus. From preliminary discussions it is clear that the immediate need at St Augustine’s Diocesan School is 4 new classrooms.

Ultimately, if St Alban’s College truly wants to make a difference in the world at large, we will need to learn to multiply our impact effectively. Our boys will need to be motivated and passionate about making society and the environment a better place for others beyond our boundaries. Secondly we will need to multiply our influence in under-funded and under-privileged environments. Perhaps this will mean that St Alban’s College will ultimately have satellite campuses all around the continent. Campuses which themselves will multiply and build a sustainable future for the communities they serve.