Thank you for supporting our initiatives towards the future of St Alban’s College.

There are a number of ways that you can donate. The donor’s choice of project/s to donate to will be respected at all times, and funding will be allocated according to donor preferences.

Donor options

Please select the payment method most suitable for you.

  • Donate via credit card online

    Online donations: You can select the project you wish to donate to from a drop-down list or opt-in for monthly donations.

  • Make an EFT transfer

    St Alban’s Foundation Bank Account PDF

    Please reference your name and the project when doing an EFT, e.g. V Notsche, Legacy or L Bekker, CSI, or P Orchards, Students.

  • Donate a gift in kind

    Make and appointment with Headmaster or Director of Advancement. Such as building material, educational and other equipment, property, an insurance policy, or to make a bequest in your Will.

  • Earn BEE Scorecard points

    Organisations offering bursaries can earn benefits on their BEE Scorecard under two areas of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice:

    1. Skills Development pillar of the Scorecard:

    • Organisations can count spending on bursaries for Forms 3, 4 and 5 (Grade 10,11 and 12) black learners* (*black is defined as ‘African, Indian or Coloured South African citizens’) towards their target of spending 3.5% of their gross annual payroll on training for black people. There are 6 points available in this section of the Scorecard.
    • Organisations can also count their spending on bursaries for tertiary institutions for Black matriculants  towards their target of spending 2.5% of their gross annual payroll on Bursaries for black Students at Higher Education Institutions. There are 4 points available in this section of the Scorecard.


    2. Socio-Economic Development pillar of the Scorecard:

    • Organisations can count spend made on bursaries for African, Indian or Coloured students in any Form (Grade) towards their annual target of spending 1% of their Net Profit After Tax on Socio-Economic Development initiatives. There are 5 points available under this formula.
    • Organisations can make contributions to all three initiatives detailed above with more than one bursary contribution, but the contributions can not be double counted, i.e. the same contribution cannot be counted under both the Skills Development and the Socio-Economic Development pillars.


    You can donate school fees online, via credit card or do an EFT by selecting the relevant link above.

    Kindly reference your donation as ‘B-B BEE Fund’.

  • International donors

    Donors from the USA can donate online and receive a 501(c)3 tax benefit via our partner, The International School of Ministry (ISOM). Navigate to Scroll down to South Africa Scholarships and select St Alban’s College Foundation.

    Donors from the UK can donate online to St Alban’s College Foundation in the UK via Stewardship Services (UKET) Limited.  – UKET now has thousands of charities as partners and adds instant Gift Aid at the point of donation.

  • Telephone donations

    Donors who wish to discuss projects; donor options; site visits, etc. are welcome to contact 012 348 1221.

Benefits of becoming a donor

The purpose of raising funds is not to ingratiate ourselves, but to ensure that the College continues to multiply in influence, innovation, community relationships and in producing young men who will be critical thinkers who will aspire to change the world for the better. Our business model is solid and we invite you to invest in sharing the magic!

Your investment in the future of St Alban’s College will have the following benefits:

  • Permanence and Stability – your gift will keep giving, ensuring that the College will do good both work now and in the future. Old Boys who love the school can contribute to future-proofing the College.
  • Flexibility – donations may be designated for one specific purpose, or spread across strategic focus areas, allowing you to support all your interests. Projects range from infrastructure to student and community support.
  • Relevance – helping College to meet changing education innovation and community needs will assist in ensuring that College remains current and our offering retains its relevance. 
  • Immediacy – current parents will see their children benefit immediately, while Old Boys and past parents will get satisfaction from paying the benefit forward that they and their children had received.
  • Recognition or Anonymity – a donation can honour a loved one or remain anonymous. 
  • Naming and Recognition Opportunities – various options are open to discussion.
  • Income Tax Advantages – local donors receive a Section 18A Tax Certificates for donations in both cash and in kind. Contact the school.
  • Leaving money or property in your Will can create financial/tax benefits for your estate. Contact the school.
  • Convenience – donations are accepted via EFT or online via our online giving page: Online donations.