We have returned for the start of 2023 optimistically and reflectively as we consider our Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the amazing sacrifices of our founders. The first pool was built on the site of the current administration building in 1964 and the first pool in this location in 1973. I remember clearly this Inter-House Gala taking place before this beautiful facility was built and the rather shoddy and uncomfortable grass banks which accommodated our boys and parents. Now in our 60th year we can celebrate the wonderfully affirming community gatherings we have had here in the last few years, and I sincerely hope that you will continue to enjoy this amazing facility and the camaraderie of the House functions which occur immediately after this gala.

Our College Swimmers get very little opportunity to perform in front of their peers and the Inter-House Gala gives them an opportunity to do just that. As we do in other sporting codes, we have the privilege of seeing our young men develop and grow and I am looking forward to seeing all our boys participate in this event. This day has always been a highlight in our calendar and in many ways, it depicts the mission and vision of the school and draws our community together. Parents, thank you for attending and supporting your sons as there is no doubt that they enjoy your presence and encouragement. Please enjoy the camaraderie, the rivalry and the sheer joy of boys competing against their friends. I am reminded of one of the great St Alban’s swimmers who attended the College in the nineties, Andrew Marshall, who broke the backstroke record at the time, twice in one day and received the gold medal at the National Championships which allowed him to be awarded his Springbok Colours. His photo and awards hang in the Wellness centre as an encouragement to others to stretch themselves and do the same.

Boys and staff, thank you for your preparation for this occasion and thank you for creating the wonderful atmosphere that we will experience today. Particularly, I would like to thank our ground staff, led by Johnny Nkuna who have worked tirelessly to ensure that the pool and surrounds are ready for this event and to Sean Smith, our Master-in-Charge of Swimming, for all the preparation which goes into an event like today. Swimming requires many officials, and I would like to pay tribute to our Sport Department, led by Garth Turvey, for all the hard work behind the scenes.

There is no doubt that the Houses revel in the opportunity to compete against each other. Enjoy the rivalry, the festivities and fellowship which today will bring and let’s remember to toast to 60 years of excellence as we enjoy each other’s company later on.

Yours sincerely

Shane Kidwell
(6th Headmaster, St Alban’s College)


Each swimmer may only swim four individual events and two of the three relays. 

All swimmers must wear Speedo-style costumes – no shorts will be allowed.

Points Allocations:

Individual events:   8,    7,   6,   5,   4,  3,  2

Relay events:   12, 10,   8,   6,  4,  2,  1


Pre-Swum Events
Thursday 12 January


Friday 13 January 2023



The Headmaster and the College would like to thank everyone who participated in and supported the Swimming Gala this afternoon.

Please join the street party on David Butcher Drive for eats and drinks after the swimming gala.

Thank you to Sean Smith and the Sports Department for organising the gala.


“Swim your own race, and strive to be the best” – Penny Heyns