Today, Ollaf Moeller is off to the UK with the SASRU (South African Schools Rowing Union) U16 tour!
Following in the footsteps of last year’s four boys, Ollaf has secured his spot thanks to his impressive performance at the SA Champs singles sculls. Over the next two weeks, he and his crewmates from across the country will compete in three regattas, including races on iconic courses like the 2012 Olympic course at Dorney Lake, home to Eton College.
But it’s not just about the races. This tour offers a glimpse into the rich culture of UK rowing. Alongside the competition, they’ll explore esteemed locations such as Leander Club at Henley-on-Thames, Oxford, and Cambridge.
We’re proud of Ollaf’s dedication and wish him the best on this journey. May it be filled with memorable experiences and fierce competition against the UK clubs gearing up for their peak season!