Our ethos has always spoken of humble beginnings and our Chapel continues to be a reminder that we are a school, and that despite our humble beginning and surroundings, we can make a difference in the world at large.

At the same time, it is important to note that should we want to remain competitive and the school of choice for boys in South Africa, that our surroundings and facilities will need to attract families who are looking at like-minded competitors. Our facilities should not be opulent, but they should speak to community, collaboration, and forward-thinking, and inspire those who walk these corridors to be a better version of themselves.

This should be a truly South African institution, or in the words of our architect, Mokgwetsi (Mo) Phala, Class of 1996, be a space ‘for us built by us’ to make a difference in the community at large. This space should reflect our values and aspirations and should inspire and allow boys and parents to dream of a society which will impact the world.

Don MacRobert Learning Commons

The same can be said for the new and improved Don MacRobert Learning Commons. As a gift to ourselves on our 60th birthday, the refurbishment of this pathway becomes a symbol of the history of the College and the pathway to its future. This will be a space where boys will gather formally for teaching and learning and informally to think and collaborate, a space where parents and visitors to the College will get a sense of belonging, engagement and community, a space which will lead strategically to key areas of the campus – the Chapel, the Tom Hamilton Wellness Centre and the Bell Quad.

One will be able to touch and feel the ethos and values of the College, walk down memory lane if you are an Old Boy, or interact with a staff member or boy if you are a prospective parent. This pathway will include artworks and symbols of important milestones and events which will reflect our deepest values and which has allowed us to build the diverse and complex community we call St Alban’s. This walkway will reflect the journey from boyhood to adulthood and beyond and capture our imagination and dreams of a better South Africa.

To remain a world-class African school, we will need to continue to maintain and upgrade the campus and even more so, ensure that it is a truly world-class African space which exudes a sense of belonging and community. St Alban’s College has a powerful role to play in terms of being a beacon of educational excellence and in terms of being able to multiply the benefit of that excellence into our local communities. We should not be interested in building capacity just for ourselves, but aim to be strong in order to do more for our communities, our nation and our continent.

Ultimately, a well-endowed St Alban’s College will be able to have a positive impact on our St Augustine’s community partners. It will also enable the College to be accessible to anyone who qualifies to be an Albanian, regardless of whether the family can afford the fees. This project is the symbolic pathway of releasing the full potential of St Alban’s DNA into an inclusive, prosperous but non-elitist future.

Legacy Flagstones

We would like to offer the St Alban’s community the opportunity to be part of this project. Leave a family legacy as an indelible part of the new Don MacRobert Learning Commons by purchasing an engraved Legacy Flagstone at only R6063.00. 

The wording will be standard, as illustrated in the accompanying image. We will be in contact to finalise your family inscription text as soon as your payment clears.

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