We dedicate ourselves to a stimulating, balanced programme, which is sensitive to the needs of individual students, and encourages them increasingly to assume responsibility for themselves and which promotes an ethos that learning is enjoyable.

Open Day (For all prospective families)

The St Alban’s college Open Day showcases what our fantastic school has to offer.

The day includes a tailor-made tour of the campus and a talk from the current Headmaster, Shane Kidwell.



Experience St Alban’s (Grade 7’s only)

Experience St Alban’s (ESA) is held annually in March. Over these two days, Grade 7 boys are given the opportunity to stay over at the College for a night and a day, write our benchmark tests, play sports and enjoy most of the activities we offer at the College.

Parents are invited to join us for a “Talk with Shane” when Shane Kidwell, the Headmaster, welcomes everyone and gives a detailed but often light-hearted account of the school. Finally, a cocktail party finishes the day, and happy, exhausted boys are sent home to recount their experiences further and discuss their futures.

Should you wish for your son to be considered for a Scholarship, it is imperative that he attends this event.

ESA took place on the 9 and 10 March 2023.


New Boys’ Day

“Ladies and gentlemen, and New Boys of 2022, welcome to St Alban’s College. We have to be grateful for small mercies as this time last year I had to do a recorded message for our New Boys function. I do not take for granted that we can get together, in person, to welcome you to our community, and I am extremely grateful. You join us at an unprecedented time in the history of the College and the world. We have experienced two years of disruption, disappointment and dreams which have been shattered. Our Matrics left us at the end of last year, and some of them were exasperated and disillusioned. My own feeling and advice to them have always been that we have to face what is in front of us and accept that we cannot change the past or predict the future. Like with everything, we have to have the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference…”

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Scholarships & Exhibitions

Entrance Scholarships

Entrance Scholarships are based on the overall performance of the learner in our Benchmark Assessment Test written in March during our “Experience St Alban’s Day”


St Alban’s College is bound by the rules laid down by ISASA as to when the results of the scholarship will be made public. Scholarship offers will be made by the date determined by ISASA (a national date is set, usually in May). All scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Headmaster.


These scholarships are awarded on academic performance only. All awards are for the scholar’s whole career at St Alban’s College, up to Form 5 (Grade 12), provided that conduct and industry are satisfactory.


These are awarded after successfully attending “Experience St Alban’s Day” and are renewed annually on the basis of a demonstrated talent in scholarship, sport or music. These awards are usually granted on Form 1 entry to St Alban’s College. The sports for which we award Exhibitions include cricket, rugby, hockey and water sports/aquatics.


There will be a maximum of eight such awards per year group of values ranging from 10% to 40% of tuition fees. The right to not make awards, or awards to the amounts stated, in any year, is reserved.


All awards are for the scholar’s whole career at St Alban’s College, up to Form 5 (Grade 12), provided that conduct and industry are satisfactory.

Overall Requirements

  • Must attend “ Experience St Alban’s Day” during their Grade 7 year.
  • Prospective parents who wish their sons to be considered for such an award should submit a 1-page detailed curriculum vitae of their son’s achievements, with the names and contact details of at least three referees.

The Scholarships and Exhibitions process for 2024 is now closed as of 11 May 2023.