Steve Jobs said: Everyone here has a sense that right now is one of those moments we are influencing the future, and this is truly my experience of St Alban’s College over many years. St Alban’s College is a young, energetic Anglican boys’ school and came into existence on 1 February 1963 with a total of 37 boys and a complement of 3 masters.


We now number over 590 boys with 60 teachers, plus an array of support staff. From its very inception, it has been a school that loves a challenge. The Founder-Headmaster, Anton Murray, was a South African cricketer who sought to maintain the best traditions of liberal education. So, an emphasis on well-rounded development prevails, and games such as cricket, rugby and hockey have always figured prominently in our history as has drama, art and music.

In complex and diverse ways, this vibrant, innovative, forward-looking school continues to influence young men to make a sincere and real difference in South Africa and the world at large. Schools are not exclusively places of academic learning – they should be environments which generate a genuine urge and passion to help others and in so doing make the world a more equal place. Schools should engender the desire to learn and grow academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually and ultimately ensure that the joy of learning, discovering and exploring becomes a lifelong habit – St Alban’s College is such a place!

Creativity and innovation flourishes here and it was no surprise when we appeared on a published list of innovative schools in South Africa. Outward-facing in all that we do, the College’s focus on service, leadership and preparing young men for the rigours of life means that Albanians leave the school fully prepared for the challenges of adult life in the modern world. St Alban’s College is established and secure but never complacent.

Life-long learning is a journey and when you make your first visit to St Alban’s College you immediately get a sense of the vibrant, energetic, happy atmosphere which pervades the campus. Our young men are polite, respectful, happy and confident but most of all they are enthused and motivated by the journey they have embarked on. The school campus is tucked into the beautiful surroundings of Lynnwood Glen and the suburban atmosphere is littered with the calls of kingfishers, hornbills and the laughter of 560 young men who call this home. Schools are ultimately about people and although St Alban’s is home to a magnificent campus you will soon realise, should you walk through the treed lanes and facilities, this is a place where people matter most and this fact is woven into the very fabric of the rich and embroidered texture of school life.

After all, schools are places of community and family and every pupil who passes through St Alban’s leaves an indelible mark. Our young men are allowed to be their unique selves and I am always amazed at the diversity and individuality displayed on our campus. It is our responsibility to help all our pupils become the very best that they can be, and to develop the identity which marks them as true Albanians and ‘guardians of the truth’ and it is my opinion that Albanians are creative, critical thinkers who genuinely want to make a difference.

Our pupils and our staff see every day as an opportunity, a chance to grow, a chance to develop and a chance to learn, and the journey as a life-long learner begins the moment a boy starts at St Alban’s College.

Signing up at St Alban’s College could be the most inspired choice you ever make and you will not regret visiting and engaging with our young men and staff. I sincerely hope you, not only, visit us but ultimately decide to join us as we embark on this exciting journey of influencing the future.

Shane Kidwell
(6th Headmaster, St Alban’s College)

In complex and diverse ways, this vibrant, innovative, forward-looking school continues to influence young men to make a sincere and real difference in South Africa and the world at large.