“People can become more and more creative by simply becoming more conscious of what it is that they do. The creative person sees the ordinary extraordinarily”.

Dramatic Arts is the study of the representation of human experience in dramatic form for an audience. This study integrates practical experiences and competencies with the study of dramatic practices, processes and products. The subject aims to promote and develop creativity as a rich, diverse and productive resource through dramatic communication, interaction and representation. Students explore how dramatic and theatrical elements are selected and combined for particular purposes within diverse contexts. 

Young performers acquire specific abilities to express themselves and to communicate skills acquired through Dramatic Arts include competencies such as improvisation, vocal and physical communication as well as interpretation and expressiveness through mediums such as acting and physical theatre; the creation, directing and presentation of live performances and film and the analysis and interpretation of performance texts within specific contexts. Students are exposed to live performances wherever possible, whether by professionals, community practitioners or other students. 

The subject is not solely aimed at preparing students who wish to further their studies in pursuit of a possible career in the theatre or its related fields. Dramatic Arts is a powerful tool for developing skills of cooperation and collaboration and equips all students, irrespective of their chosen future career, with crucial life skills such as confidence; self-esteem; creativity; communication skills; empathy; self-discipline; critical and creative thinking; a deepened understanding of social, political and philosophical concerns; leadership and collaborative teamwork. Dramatic Arts is a vibrant subject that greatly contributes to an enlightened and holistic education.

“People can become more and more creative by simply becoming more conscious of what it is that they do. The creative person sees the ordinary extraordinarily”.

Adams Club

The ADAMS Club meets for what is usually a rambunctious, energetic session. It is an opportunity for boys to hone their dramatic skills. We endeavour to give boys the opportunity to learn (amongst other things): stagecraft, the art of characterisation, physical theatre, voice production, mime and comedic skills. Boys gain confidence and learn to communicate and collaborate within a creative environment. 

Small productions are staged by the club which give the boys opportunities to workshop, write and perform their own productions. Often these productions explore contentious issues relevant to the boys. 

Outings to theatre productions and workshops provide further enrichment for the ADAMS Club members.


The Drama staff at St Alban’s College is committed to provide quality education focused on self expression and artistic creativity.

Seeing that it is a new subject within the school, the core mandate of the department is to establish a culture that resonates with the curriculum and the global trends within arts and culture field.