The things taught in schools and colleges are not an education, but the means to an education …

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The fallacy of education is encompassed in this quote. People believe that you go to school to be educated. However, the truth is you go to school for the opportunity to learn, a means to an education. Clubs and Societies are part of the opportunities the College has to offer, it is a means to education – something many old boys have employed. We have old boys who are photographers because of the Photography Club. We have old boys who trade stocks because they learnt it in the Stock Market Club. We even have bee-keepers who learnt their craft in the Bee-Keeping Club. Clubs has always been a means to an education.

Clubs and societies fall into three broad categories: those that offer performance and competitive opportunities; those that are service clubs and finally, those that are casual, social clubs. 

At any given point there are at least 40 clubs and societies to choose from. In 2021 we are proud to say we have 48 clubs and societies. Do you have something to voice? Join the Oratorical Society, Parliament or pen your opinions for the Mitre magazine. If you have a voice so beautiful that it needs to be heard, join the Choir or Barbershop. Feeling energetic? Join Wellness, Gumboot, Rock Climbing or skating. Creative? Try the Photographic Club or Word of Art. For the more competitive, there’s Chess, Table-Top or E-Sports. If you are after a bit of harmony in your life, join one of the Ensembles or Angling. If you wish to serve, you can do so via Servers, the College Support Programme (CSP), President’s Award, Life Support or PR. Performers will find their niche in the Band, ADAMS (drama), Guitar Club, Ensembles, Choir or Barbershop. 

Outstanding contributions to Clubs and Societies may be rewarded by the award of a Cultural Tie, Half or Full Colours or even Honours for Culture or Service. But apart from recognition, there’s a lot of fun to be had joining a club that represents your interests, showcasing your talents or giving back to the College and broader community.

Description of Activities

ADAMS The drama society. Boys learn and practice to act – also impromptu. (They act out a situation unprepared etc.) They participate in top competitions such as FEDA and Eisteddfods.
AdobeThis club hosts workshops using the Adobe suite of applications such as PhotoShop and Premiere Pro. These are industry standard applications meaning they are used in their specific fields. Boys will learn the skills required to utilise these applications both for themselves and the school.
Afrika To celebrate and uplift all of our various cultures; partake in the more social and fun parts of what it means to be African. The Afrika Club is to engage and talk about the development and evolution of Africa. Boys will share the stories and anecdotes they have been told and from that point onward host meaningful discussions allowing boys to interpret what is being said in their own way.
AfrikaansDiscuss all matters about the language. They visit performances, productions and festivals and organise special evenings themselves. They also interact with DSG sometimes or have competitions in the language.
AnglingBoys meet every week to discuss different types of artificial bait and then go on excursions to practice their skills
Anime Discuss Anime films and novels and show a genuine appreciation for all things anime.
Audio-Visual They provide all sound and visual equipment for all functions, events, performances, dinners, interaction functions with other schools. They are also the sound technicians for these occasions
Band A number of elite musicians who are auditioned and who represent the school. They play different instruments like drums, keyboards, piano, bass guitar, double bass, electric guitar, saxophones, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and so on.
Barbershop An elite group of singers who are selected and represent the school very often. These are the best vocalists in the school. They sing acapella (without instruments). Different types of music – from rock, jazz to religious and classical
Caffeine Club Boys who study different types of coffee and their origins, also methods of making and preparing them and presenting and serving them.
Chess Club A group of boys who love this board game and who play against each other in groups, but also compete against other schools and in provincial championships
Choir A very large group of singers who are selected through auditions and represent the school very often. They sometimes sing with accompaniment of instruments like bass guitar, piano, drum (set and African). Different types of music – from rock, jazz to religious and classical
Community Service Boys who do a service to other communities by raising funds, helping other communities by teaching them skills (like playing guitar or jembees or building structures or vegetable gardening) or by helping them with academics.
CuisineBoys learn how to prepare different types of food and snacks
Culture Vultures Boys who really run all the cultural events of the school. They organise the talent show, culture festival, music performances, drama performances, culture dinner and any other cultural event. They learn how to plan, budget and organise. A very committed and appreciated group.
Drum Circle A group of musicians who make music by beating musical instruments like marimbas, djembies and other in synchronization with each other.
Ensembles Boys who play musical instruments and form small groups to play together, like rock, strings etc.
Environmental Boys who are concerned about our planet and nature belong to this club. They look at ways to preserve, conserve and use and re-use materials effectively and responsibly. They will also be trained and would be able to qualify and receive certificates for specific nature related activities.
E-Sport Boys who use their skills by competing in games or battles online – against each other or against other schools. Some have had provincial success. There is also a social E-sports club for the boys who just want to socialise and game.
Field Guide Boys who are interested in nature and learning about the natural environment. Club makes use of many outings.
Film Society These boys go to the movies regularly as an organised group accompanied by a teacher. They analyze the movies and write summaries and reviews. Only seniors with good diligence symbols are allowed.
French Club These boys discuss all matters about the language. They visit some festivals, watch movies in this language and organise special evenings – mostly together with DSG, where they eat snacks like pizzas and perform short acts or music items.
Guitar Club From beginners to very well-skilled musicians who love this instrument. They learn from each other, discuss accomplished musicians, form small groups to perform, trade “licks” or skills and have functions where they perform to an appreciative audience. They also go on outings – mostly to visit music shops or to watch performances.
Gumboots Boys with rhythm dance together while they beat out rhythms on their hands, legs, chests and foot attire.
Jazz Club Musicians who study and practice this specific style of music get together and get tuition to learn to play and perform this type of music.
Life Support Boys who get first aid training and who assist wherever and whenever they are needed – in boarding houses, on camps, on sports days – anywhere where medical assistance is needed.
Lit Club Boys who enjoy reading and analyzing and discussing books and authors and styles and techniques of writing meet to discuss specific books on a weekly basis.
Music Tech Boys will learn how to create music using technology.
Oratorical All types of public speaking is practiced in this club, including debating. Boys learn to speak in public and they enter in all types of competitions – also nationally and internationally.
Parliament This is the forum where boys voice their opinions about school matters and about their preferences or concerns about the running of the school. One boys from each tutor group attends as a representative and both the head of school and the headmaster attend all meetings
Photographic Creative This club looks at the artful and creative aspects of photography. Boys will learn different techniques using different equipment to get the most out of their creative shots.
Photographic Service Pictures of all kinds are taken, including of sports and cultural events. Equipment and techniques are discussed and practiced.
Public Relations Every boy and parent who has visited St.Alban’s would have been in contact with members of this club. They represent the school and inform any visitors about the school and everything that the school offers and stands for. They are responsible for the public image of the school.
Raps A club where musically and poetically inspired boys listen to rap artists and do rapping themselves
Rock Band Like many of the musical clubs, this showcases the musical talents of the College. Members of this club will need to be able to play an instrument and will showcase their love of Rock ‘n Roll.
Rock ClimbingAlthough this is more of a sport, this is run as a club. Boys go out regularly to practice climbing and abseiling skills. They also get coaching by a professional at school and, when they don’t go out, they practice at the school’s rock. They also compete provincially and nationally.
Servers A group of boys who are serious about their religion and who practice their religion by serving in chapel. They play a huge role in organising and running chapel services.
Skateboarding This club showcases the culture surrounding Skating. Boys will get together and practice and learn new tricks from one another.
Table Top Club All types of games that are normally played on tables are played. This would include card games and games like 30 Seconds etc.)
thegreyandblueThis is part of the Public Relations with a focus on using social media.
Wellness Boys get together to discuss and learn new ways to stay fit. This can include learning exercising techniques and learning about supplements.
Word of Art Previously this was seen as the graffiti club. Different ways of expressing oneself through different forms of painting, writing and sculpturing are studied and applied.
Yoga Club Different positions of the body are explored and used for improving core strength and flexibility while focusing on relaxation.
Young Engineers All types of structures and mechanisms are analyzed, studied and built.