College Support Programme (CPS)

The College Support Programme is a group of concerned boys and staff who have been trained to offer a sympathetic ear to boys who would like to talk to someone on any issue that is troubling them. The members’ names and details are published each term in the calendar. Unless the boy concerned is in physical danger or poses a threat to others, these discussions are strictly confidential.

This service is in addition to the others offered. Boys may also speak to their tutor, housemaster, the chaplain, the school counselor and school psychologist.

Boys may also use the CSP mailbox below to raise issues anonymously.

Any student or parent of St Alban’s College can drop off an electronic message in the CSP Box. This message will be sent out anonymously to all CSP members. Regular meetings are held to discuss the issues that were dropped in the CSP Box.

Marsh Medical Centre

The Sanatorium, commonly known and accepted by the boys to be ‘the San’, has a history similar to those of other buildings around the College, with a slight distinction of it being a place of healing.

Through the years the Sanatorium has had its own pulse. As we have had five Headmasters at the College in the past 50 years, so too we have had 5 nursing sisters. These ladies and all of their dedication, care and warmth have never failed to give the boys something more than treatment, whether it be the dose of energy, allowing them to test the temperature (in both senses of the word) or even perhaps leaving them in stitches!

In the early years the Sanatorium was located next to the MacRobert Boarding House. It follows that in earlier days the San was used and needed most by those boys who boarded at the College. In 2003 the College took the decision to build a new Sanatorium to compensate for the growing need for a better facility for both the boys and the College community as a whole. Towards the end of 2003 the new San was completed and boasted two consulting rooms, two and a half bathrooms, a sick bay and a fully equipped kitchen. Originally, the two consultation rooms worked effectively allowing one to house the nursing Sister and the other to house the school psychologist, however recent developments have led the latter consultation room to be used by the physiotherapist.

Another aspect of the new San was that it was one of the most centralised buildings at the school – this allowed easy accessibility, be it from the fields, classrooms, boarding or day boy Houses. The San was officially named in 2013, during the College’s Jubilee celebrations and is now formally known as the Marsh Medical Centre after Paul and Ann Marsh, who both contributed a great deal of their time and patience, during their time, to the Sanatorium.

Sister Rentia von Wielligh– weillighr@stalbanscollege.com 
Sister Bhelekazi Mdlalose – mdlaloseb@stalbanscollege.com


Tom Hamilton Wellness Centre

The St Alban’s Gymnasium forms an important part of the life of boys, where boys can ‘blow off steam’ , and spend their energy improving strength, power and biomechanics that aid on the sports field.

Operating hours
The Tom Hamilton Wellness Centre is open to all sports teams to book sessions from 5:00 am. There is an open session for all from 3:30 pm – 5:0pm. During the academic day, the gym is used for Physical Education lessons as part of the IEB curriculum.

Training Equipment
We have a well-equipped gym with a full set of Dumb-bells and Weight plates, 4 pull up stations, 2 bench press machines, 5 stationary bicycles, 12 ergometers, 3 dynamic ergos, kettlebells, exercise balls and mats, a powerlifting platform and much more. The gym is suitable for heavy lifting and intense training, novel sportsmen and social ‘gym bunnies’. All schoolboys are welcome to join the gym and are encouraged to follow a gym/conditioning programme provided by Mr Fosu-Amoah.

Contact: For more information regarding gym enquiries, please contact Mr Gareth Morgan at morgang@stalbanscollege.com