From the desk of Shane Kidwell – June 2019

Dear Parents
The St Alban’s way….
St Alban’s College is no longer a young school. It is a school which was founded on the
values of the Christian faith, embraced diversity and developed a culture of ensuring that
each young man who walks through our doors feels as though he belongs here. Our
school experienced an exciting albeit sometimes difficult infancy, grew stronger during
the turbulent teens, was an innovative and forward looking young adult and I am now
confident that we are experiencing a modicum of maturity in our 56th year. This is a
proud institution and you should be proud of it too!

St Alban’s is a school which is happy yet rigorous, it is a school which is modern yet
grounded in traditional values, it is a school which is real yet compassionate, it is a
school which lives in the present yet prepares for the world of tomorrow, it is a school
which values individuality yet understands the importance of the team and the
brotherhood, it is a school where freedom of speech thrives yet we place more value in
listening, it is a school where diversity, respect and tolerance lives, it is a school where
thinking is encouraged, it is a school where pupils’ opinions count, it is a school where
dreams are fulfilled, it is a school of brothers!

St Alban’s College has always been known for its tightly knit community, for its sense of
belonging, for its authentic manners and family values, for the way it hosts opposing
schools on derby days and during traditional fixtures and, most importantly, for the way
we interact with each other in a respectful, accepting and honest manner.
This is the 23rd year I have been involved at the College and I have seen, over many
years, the wonderfully authentic relationships built between parents and housemasters,
between boys and teachers who coach sport or run a club and society or who are in the
choir. I am often overwhelmed by the success stories of young men who attended the
College in the last 20 years: Thusang Mahlangu,